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Helped me so much with ClemBot, Python, C#, and so many other mundane questions I could've just googled. Amazing person and friend with tons of knowledge on vast amounts of concepts, would recommend.

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Kevin Thomas

Experienced and well versed with everything development, wouldn't be where I am today without him, would recommend!

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Helped me out with, aiohttp and core principles of Python. His knowledge in Python, APIs and web development in general is exceptional. I'm forever grateful for the continuous heaps of help and time that he has provided for me to further my knowledge in Python, his superior and seemingly endless sea of knowledge as well as his skill as a developer and somehow, enough patience for me of all people, all of this combined goes to show how proficient he in this language not even mentioning his web development capabilities. As far as I can see, he is constantly learning, growing and becoming more and more of a monster in this coding world everyday. I expect big things from this guy.

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Inspired me to learn python, helped me a lot with my few projects throughout and honestly a great vibe to be around. Would definitely recommend working with him.

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Helped fix dumb mistakes and understand more stuff to do with coding among other things

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Made me learn Python and helped my GitHub skills to grow.

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Taught me how to use Git, and PostgreSQL, thank you so much petus.

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Taught me Python, the basics of Git, and showed me how to learn more. 10/10 would recommend being taught by him.

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Dhruvin Purohit

Helped me learn python, gave me an opportunity to work on Villager Bot